Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have you heard about this?

Couldn't belief my ears... yesterday Dancer Nitely told me: "the shop owner and designer of SG fashion wanted stop or leave sl..but she didn't, she stayed in sl and now sells all her clothings for 10ld".
I knew the shop from some years ago. I waited there hours to get some nice stuff from her lucky chair under the stairs.
So i went there to check ..and i was so exited..realy everything is 10ld... I bought the warm brown jacket with the fluffy sides..and the warm knitted sweater with the sweet collar. And the jeans with little bit open front so you can see the lace thongs (colorable).
Behind Nic on the pictures is a gown ( also 10ld) It is there in black and white. And there is more.. more... more.. Just have a look.

And another surprise.. there also is a shop with mens clothings and a shop with jewelry for male and female... all 10ld!!

Jacket: SG -SG- Dublin Coat Brown ( 10ld)
Pants: SG -SG- Violence Jeans Dark Blue( 10ld)
Sweater: SG -SG- Stockholm Sweater Beige

This must be shop of the day, Nic


Jaz said...

OMG!! I love this place... have found some amazing stuff there for next to nothing. A MUST SHOP for any true shopaholic!!

Nicandra Laval said...

yes you are totally right...i want show more from this shop...bye bye Nic

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