Tuesday, November 15, 2011

brown in the winter

Many places in sl slowly change in winter themed places as you can see also on these pictures. The new dress has long sleeves so not too cold. It is a present at the little winter square at petit pas. It is on a small board in the window. The dress is from Lo Momo. I combined the dress with curly hair from A&A. Found on marketplace.
I want to combine it with the boots from Bukka lucky chair ( Heel Boots in Ivory)...but i am still waiting there. As soon as i get them i will add the picture. And yesssss i got them

Hair: A&A - A&A Ceres Hair Nuts, (free)
Dress: Lo*momo - petit pas ville opening gift (free)
Boots: Bukka - [BUKKA]Heel Boots ::ivory:: lucky-box ( free)

Enjoy your new stuff, Nic

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Unknown said...

I've been trying for those boots for days now. I can never manage to sit still long enough for A to come up. Super cute look!

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