Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop of the day - Iren

Today is the first day of the Kawai Hunt. This hunt is inspired by all objects nice and tender. In short, all those things that make it beautiful. Think of the Japanese girls who wear dresses in pastel colors and soft shapes, wavy hair, wavy. For the accessories barrettes or earrings with pastries, or glasses on the bow. Free your imagination. You have to search a strawberry.
The Iren shirt that i got, is from that hunt. And i was looking around in the Iren shop and found the tabacco armbracer and the dragonfly as gifts. And to complete my Kawai look i searched for my girly Iren hair. On the middlest picture i show the groupgift skin from Iren. So my first "shop of the day themed post" was born.
The cup of coffee is from needful things( group gift). Group join fee, but so many nice stuff as groupgifts, so worthwhile.

Shirt: Iren - KawaiiHunt 38# - ::::IrEn:::: ( free)
Tabacco armbracer: Iren - ::::IrEn:::: GIFT -Tabacco Armbracer ( free)
Dragonfly: Iren - ::::Dragonfly:::: IrEn Gift ( free)
Hair: Iren - ::::Layla3:::: onyx
Skin: Iren - [IREN] Shane-Evening Makeup-Groupgift ( free, but group join fee))
Cup: Needful things - ::LEO.NT:: my coffee mug ( group join fee)

Thanks Irischka Hotshot for being such a good creator, Nic

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