Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ofcourse most women in sl style there avatar with care. But sometimes i see men, who also like to be good-looking in sl. I like to ask them about shape and skin to help others to style their avatars. But i discovered that the well-styled men want to be unique and not want tell all about there special skin and shape. Is this typical for men i ask myself?
Well i have to say thanks to Willy Hanriot for lifting a little tip of his secret. His skin is from Laqroki..( my top skinshop ) and his hair too. The shape is from Noon. The outfit from GothiCatz and the boots from the shoe part of the GothiCatz shop ( ::380::). Mesh shaped shoes. Super in my opinion.

Hair: Laq- Laq Radiant M03 Midnight
Outfit: GothiCatz ->> GothiCatz << Wanted
Boots: GothiCatz - 1. ::380:: Civil Boots v 1 brown
Skin Laqroki ( you have to search self to find this one)
Shape Noon
Nice styling all men who want to be good-looking, Nic

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