Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost My Marbles Hunt!

This hunt about did make me lose my marbles - 151 shops.  You can read more about the hunt here.  The marbles are semi-transparent so not always easy to spot right off, and with all the other hunts that are going on it's getting difficult to devote so much time to only one.  I was starting to feel like I was never going to finish!  This one was a definite thank heavens it's over hunt.  Only a small amount of this is fashion and there are some other neat objects in the hunt but I think I only saved a small portion.  As usual I'm choosing my favorites for your cherry picking pleasure.  Onto the goodies:
LuAll Designs: Le Masquerade Make-up4 Skin
Caladesi Island Company: Drift Lost My Marbles Skin

Adoring Charms: Aura - Precious Skin
Mustang Trading Post: Ladies Barbwire Hairband

DARE: LMM Top + Old Jeans
evie: I Lost My Marbles Dress
Pretty Lady: Thundar Purple

JAZMYN D: Lost My Marbles Bikini
ILLY Creations: Lost My Marbles Dress
Bits & Pieces: Carmen Summer Dress

C'MORE Designs: LMMH Gift
Grumble: Women's Baseball Shirt Pink

Cupcake Clothing: Female Tank
Robbish: Lost My Marbles Top

Simply: Mad About Stripes
Sassy!: Pink argyle cardigan with Brown Shorts
Annabella's Song: Top, Butterfly Jeans & Panties

Sascha's Designs: Wilhelmina Blue Gown
The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop: Cherry Blosssom II Kimono

NyX Design: I'm Not Scared!! Cuddlepet
Trashtastic!: Crazy Horse

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