Sunday, June 6, 2010

Digging Up Petunia's

Petunia's is a shop I discovered while doing the Lost My Marbles Hunt.  I'll post my finds from the hunt when I finished.  It's a huge hunt but I'm almost done (thank heavens).  Petunia's is participating in quite a few hunts at the moment.  Although the prizes appear to be mostly adorable garden accessories, I adored the clothes.  Very reasonably priced, as everything seems about 100L and under.  The skin I have on in the pictures is Tuli's Gina from The Dressing Room that Nere posted about here.  (She told me to get it and I do everything she commands).  
Bus Stop Sundress, Bronze
Puppy Pot Red-Hot Outfit
Juliet's Roses Dress

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