Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geekgasm Hunt!

This was a fun quick hunt.  You can read about it here.  There's a lot of Nintendo (or Nontendo lol) and 80s gamer references which I didn't realize was geeky.  Perhaps, it's because my parents wouldn't buy me a game system - so I thought only the cool kids had one :(  Well regardless - now it's hip to be square!  The loot: 
Relentless Couture: Tetris Mini Dress with LOULOU&CO: Necklace and Elate!: Susie Cateye Shades - Turquoise
it's Cake:. Geek on Fiah Leggings, bodysuit, flats, Nerdy Chic Glasses
Tasty: Geek Chic TShirt and Glasses with thick. shapes & baubles: Nontendo Earrings and FluxBox: Bum Crack Black Chucks also u.f.o.: fall in geek leggings and finally Malizz Yiyuan creation: G33K_Necklace (also comes with a cute Pin Game typing animation!)
ODB: Punked Out Nerd Glasses {Pink} with Cool Beans: Geek Me Up Plaid Shorts and thick. shapes & baubles: Engineer Shirt (other Star Treky shirts also in the box!)
Candydoll: Geek Skin
Bomb! - Cherry Skin -Vol.1
Skinthesis: Female - Droogette
face: Oh Padme - Geekgasm Exclusive Skin
III: Geekgasm Rad Dress
Soap Co.: Blerd Jeans, suspenders, tattoo and glasses
Love Zombie: Falcons P.E. Shorts, shirt, socks with FAB.PONY: nurave Glasses
Harrys Houses: Girlie beer bike wearing The Clubhouse:  Geek Shirt
The sea Hole: Companion Cube Geek - Racerbank Tanktop
A-BOMB: lunchbox wearing Ducknipple: Jammie - Green
Riddle: Geekgasm - Packman Shirt (whole bunch of colors in the pack) sitting on what next: Geek's 3-seater Sofa (love this!)
aRAWRa: iPhone T-Shirt App Shirt (other geeky Apple shirts included) sitting on Second Spaces: Binary Sofa

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Kit Jordan said...

I just finished this hunt! Thanks so much for telling us about it... some really cool items!

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