Saturday, June 26, 2010


When I stumbled upon Inaya I was quite surprised I haven’t heard of them before, me being the skinhoarder that I am. After some research I found out they were fairly new. I didn’t expect that since there seems to be quite some variety in faces going on. I counted about six faces, all with their own features. However not all faces seem to come in every skintone. I’ll show you a few of my favorites.

Maiisha is my personal favorite from the bunch. She only comes in a pale skintone, so she won’t be for the sun kissed lovers among us. A few extra features are added, you can wear with or without freckles and a blonde hairbase.

There’s a little cute mole just above the right corner of her mouth and her lips are very glossy. The face is lovely and youthful. The only part I don’t like is the “realness” of the ear, making it a bit odd compared to the face.

The body is all about smooth curves and soft lines, there are little details or muscles showing. It’s just a good body, but personally I’d have preferred a bit of details, like a mole lost somewhere or other features to make the body more unique.

I would almost leave my milky pale skins for this face. Marayah is one of the better darker skins in SL. She only comes in this darker skintone and has a dark hairbase option as well.

The eyebrows are a bit pointy but that’s easily fixed with the right settings. The make ups are very nice, with a bit of subtle eyeshadow. The lipcolors look more like gloss then lipstick, you have to like it but I think it works really nicely.

The cleavage is continuously pushed up. I normally choose the most normal cleavage I can find and leave enhancers far away. Too bad there’s no such option on this skin, to my knowledge there aren’t any cleavage reducers on the grid…

Maiva is also only available in a light skintone, like Maiisha, but she has a dark hairbase option instead of blond. With every make up you get three lipcolors; natural, black and silver. Again a little mole, this time above the left corner and a second tiny one below the right corner. Very sexy!

The eyebrows are nicely detailed, but not overly done. The face is quite flawless with full kissable lips. Again I have a little problem with the seam at the base of the ear, not seeming to merge in properly with the face. I think the body of Maiva is identical to Maiisha’s actually, with just another face to top it off.

The make ups on Maiva are not to my taste. I only like the natural lips, because the silver and black are too dominant. And the natural combines great with the new v2 tattoo layers, so no worries. The eyeshadow is just too much and not subtly added to the face. I would’ve liked a bit more attention to those.

Over all I’m pretty impressed by these skins, but think there are enough minor little things that could be fixed. Would I spend my lindens on them? Yes, I certainly would. The skins are very good, definitely not a bad buy. If you don’t mind these little details these skins are absolutely a good deal and a nice add to your ever growing inventory.

Kus Nere

I found out that the slurl used above is from the mainstore which will be open in two days. Until then you can get a few of the skins in this satellite store. After two days, mainstore will be open with some new releases.


Flor said...

Hello how are you? Great post *-*

I would like to know where is from the hairs!
OMG, very hot *-* the 2º pic's one.

Thank you.

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

Yah I've been a bit lazy for not crediting the hair and other items... here goes:

Picture 1: - Brande
Picture 2: 69 - MOG (Previous group gift, but similar styles enough instore)
Picture 3: Eha - Jean (Opening gift, available instore)

Karina Larkham said...

I would have like one skin if it wasn't for you! Now I'm going to have to check these out - they look incredible on you!

Flor said...

Thank you for sharing it ^^
lovely prizes.

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

Thank you all :) Glad you guys like them.

Kit Jordan said...

I went to the main store today, and it's still not open. And the satellite store doesn't have the Maiisha, which I agree is the best one. Sad face!

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