Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Beaten by The Pretty Stick

There seems to be so many shops I'm discovering and loving lately.  Pretty Stick is another shop that I think has cute casuals and is reasonably priced.  A few things now in the shop you can get for nothing (or next to).  Take a ride over to Pretty Stick.
Dollarbie of the Month: White Lace Top with Green Midrise Jean Skirt
Lucky Chair: Corset Dress Green
100L Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress (marked down to 50L if your in the group)
 Midnight Mania Prize: White Pearl Necklace & Bracelet w/ White Bow
Fashion Freaks Hunt Prize: Black Lace Crop top with Rainbow Jean Skirt

Of course I have to mention (in case you have been under a rock) the new hair I'm digging called Brande in Anxious Blond from  Any my new favorite eyes that are part of the new Sunrise collection from HooT in clear blue.  HooT eyes are my absolute favorites! There are always tiny, look close, little details that I think make a huge difference over other eyes.  

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Anonymous said...

those eyes look nice on pix but in real, there are too many veins for my taste:)

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