Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Bug Hunt!

I was pleasantly surprised by this hunt.  I did it as a quickie and was happy to have found so many cute items.  You can read more about the hunt here.   The goods:
SereliCious & Rockstar Clothing: Purple V-Neck, Belt, Jeans
Paris Metro: Cocktail Bouquet Dress Skirt with Hat
Rag Dollz: Doodle Bug Lolita Dress
ThReDz: Lena Halter Top Blue with Female Hot Torn Shorts In Blue
GL Designs:  Peek-a-Boo Shirt Plum and Distressed Mini Skirt
ThReDz: White Tank with Black Jeans
Chez Gabrielle:  Tara in Black Gown
 Lillou's Designs: Scarlet Gown
Sinful Pleasures: Oh My! Lavender

In all Pics:
Caverna Obscura: Pink Slippers (My favs!  These are just adorable)
IrEn: Nicole Tan Blue Bird Skin

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