Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aona by Mynerva

Mynerva has some of the cutest skins around the grid and the latest skinline Aona is as sweet as can be. Pouty lips, a dinky little nose and dulcet eyes is what makes Aona a lovely face. It is a skin for adult avi's, but it would work for the younger avi's as well.

Bare Teeth Freckles - Bare - Blueberry Freckles - Buttercup Freckles
Daisy Crush Freckles - Emerald Freckles - Pink Fushion Freckles - Smokey Freckles

Aona comes with very divers make ups as well as a few make ups with teeth drawn on the upper lip. I don't usually care much for teethed skins, but on Aona it works very well. Every make-up comes with and without freckles and I must say I really like these freckles, they ad a bit of character to the skin and they are very subtly sprinkled on the body.

The body is smooth, softly curved and I imagine it works very well on a chubby shape. I haven't found any flaws on the body, only the nipples are not particularly to my taste; I think they are too big. Also not much attention is given to the intimate area, there's well... not much to speak of. I'm okay with that since I rarely strip down, but you might want to take note of it if you do. On the freckled make-ups I love the freckles on the cleavage, very cute.

Another pic, just because I couldn't stop taking pictures :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skins: Mynerva - Aona tone 0
Hair: booN - XFE275 (chestnut)
Eyes: Tuli - Sage
Lashes: Cake - flutter lashes
Top: Oyakin - romantic-cami (old flower)
Vest: choramimi - ivory cardi (free!)
Lingerie: Blacklace - Sexy little spring gift (old group gift)
Pumps: LeLutka - Saffron Pumps (neutral green)

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