Monday, May 31, 2010

Shooting Stars Hunt!

An unusual Japanese hunt.  You don't really look for the items - rather you "catch" them typing /7 catch.  Seems I either got the item right away or I stood there forever, but it was fun.  Some cute things.  Some of it I couldn't tell if it was men's or women's.  Alot of hair in this hunt but none that I cared for honestly.  You can read more about the hunt here.  My favorites of the bunch:
Shampoo: Border Salopette with Fairy Tail: Locket pendant
izm: pink candy
Ronsem: Bare Tunic

+Honey+: Dressvol0056
so what?: catch me top with Euclid & AnA: Leopard skinny Pants
daydream: shining star- pink (multi color pack)

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