Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tomorrow May 28th Tuli will release her newest skinline Jade, which has elements of her older skinlines Hope and Eve. But mixed together it makes a gorgeous fresh new face, which is absolutely delicious, I have no better words to describe it. I chose to wear a short hairstyle with it, to show of the strong cheekbones, in my opinion one of Tuli's best signatures on all her skins. The overall look is both elegant and soft, and will suit all kinds of skinlovers.

Jade has 10 different make-ups, simply named nrs 1 to 10, 1 being a bare face. Available in 5 skintones, of which I'm wearing number 2, the second lightest. She also comes with three eyebrow options and three (!) cleavage options. Personally I think Tuli is one of the better make-up artists in SL, her faces are usually very well balanced and just the right amount of make-up is aplied.

Well the body... just plain perfection. The butt is ubercute. Yes it is.

Along with Jade also comes a new eyes-release. I'm smitten on Sage and refuse to wear other eyes for the near future. The eyes are really striking and will draw the attention like no other eyes can do.

Only one night before the release... I advice to go demo Jade asap.

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Jade
Eyes: Tuli - Sage
Hair: Eha - Jean Light Red (subscribo gift!)
Lingerie: Dimbula Rose - BL&BE ribbon

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