Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dark Katz Hunt

I've been terribly behind on my hunting (and therefore my blogging).  I still haven't had a chance to finish this hunt (it's a big one!).  It's been so gosh darn nice out (finally) my computer time has been compromised (yay for rl!).  I'm not much at all for Neko but there is some great stuff to be found.  You can read more about the hunt here.  It's running until June 10th so hopefully will have time to finish.  The goodies I've grabbed so far:
KC Hair: Dark - Dirty Blonde
Dilley Dolls: Tonna Pink
Zenith: Outfit (Comes with all the Neko Stuff)
Nosotr@s: Girl Gift (yep there is a boy gift too)

Somapop: i want sun on my skin dammit Top and Pants
Dirty Word: Caution Hazard (p.s. shop is closing May 23rd and everything is on sale for 50L until then)
Allep Jeans: Jeans
Indyra Originals: Urban Agenda Blouse (I saw this on my girl Teshan and then I knew I had do the hunt.  Love this!!)

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