Saturday, May 1, 2010

Insatiable Me!

Insatiable Fashions has moved so they are having a 50% off everything sale for the next week or so and there are a bunch of dollarbie and 10L items hidden around the shop in addition to a big box of freebies!  Yay!
Freebies and Cheapies at Insatiable Fashions!
The skin in these pics is the current group gift from Oceane's.  I LOVE it!  Earrings are from the Mashooka hunt which even if they don't match - I'm wearing with everything.  I'm convincing myself they work (dammit).  I want to permanently fuse them to my ears.  That hunt ends Sunday so if you haven't had a chance go over there and grab the goodies.  It's so totally worth the couple of minutes it will take to do.  

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