Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Freaks Hunt!

Well I was expecting a lot of fashion on this hunt and I was not disappointed.  You can read more about the hunt here.  It's running until June 15th so still plenty of time get it done.  Onto the goodies (and there are a bunch!):
GARAGE: Nicole skin
Adoring Charms: Fashion Freaks Hunt Skin
CandyDoll: FRKINITONA Skin

Shush: Jumper blue green
DELICIOUS: Floral Summer Dress - Red
Simply: Sgoobalicious Green
Dirty Word: Watermelon Candy bikini and skirt
Sassy!: Flirt halter with low rise denim capris 
Rainbow.Soup:  Yellow Peace Shirt Dress with Black Shorts
*LP* Designs:  Star outfitt red 
G-series: Music Dress
w o n d r o u s   s t r a n g e: lestat reuven-checks in the mail dress
ANCAYI: Jacket Task with Robbish: Fashion Denim
Petunia: Calico Summer Dress with flip flops
ETINCELLE: Shirt, Tie and Skirt with SIGMA~Jewels: Bangles in wood colors
evie: Leafy Denim Dress (Purple)
Sassy Kitty Designs: French Beach Fashionista Outfit: Hat, Sunglass, Suit, Skirt (not shown)
Ducknipple: Mole - Red
Just Me: Haruko Top Black Hearts with 22769: FFH jeans
[ III ]: Jazzed Dress
Pretty Lady: Kaja Tan

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