Friday, May 28, 2010

I Found Black & Blue

I discovered this shop on a hunt, and I don't normally do too much full price stuff (I leave that to Nere) but once in awhile a shop catches my eye, I go back and I fall in love.  Black & Blue Outfitters is one of my fav's atm.  They have wonderful casual clothes and swimwear.  I very especially love the fact they have not only have wonderful clothes for men - they are transfer!
Sunday Brunch Dress in Canary, Ditsy Print & LibertyPrint Yellow 225L
Beach Flops Rasta 200L
 Melrose Tank in Blue, Green, Pink & Red 150L
 HollywoodHillsJeans 250L
Beach Flops Teal 200L
BillaBong Rampage BoardShort 200L
Hurley Phantom 60 Puerto Rico Teal Boardshorts 200L
Black&White Sandals 200L
White Fidora W/ Black Stripe 200L
Quadrate Mens Shirt 175L
Republique T 150L
Thrasher Jeans 250L
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hair in this post.  The new one from lamb. called "found"  I'm wearing it in Butterfinger.  I love it so much - I'm going back to get "lost" as well which is just as fabulous.  <3 you lamb Bellic!

ALEXXIS SKIN in Pink Love FAIR PROMO (this one is freeee)
Alyssa Skin in Downtown FAIR - 500L

lamb. Lost in Butterfinger 300L (chocolate bars pack)

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