Sunday, May 16, 2010


Not one of the newest skinreleases, but definitely one worth giving extra attention to. The Plastik released a new skinline named Lionheart and I think its so sumptuous. The lips are full and lush and the skin is smooth and softlooking. The eyelids on even the bare version are a bit too dark for my taste, but it gives a very sensual glance.

Bare - Cirrus - August - Decembrice

Apart from the bare version and some "regular" type make ups, Aikea Rieko provides us with a few special make ups as well. Perfect for role players and / or elves. In the shop are elven ears available which perfectly match the skintones.

Bare - Freck - Pout - Shy

Every single make-up comes with four options, as shown above: Bare, Freck, Pout and Shy. I love this idea so much! I wish more creators would ad something like this. My favourite is by far the shy version, I adore the rosy cheeks.

The body itself is also very sensuous in my opinion. It is quite heavily shaded, but not too much. I haven't found any flaws on the seems or such, which it nothing less then what I expected. The Plastik is I think mostly known for the clothes, but I strongly advise all skinlovers to give this skin a try. It's definitely worth demoing!

Kus Nere

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