Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is the 5th of December and in the Netherlands that means it's "pakjesavond" - Sinterklaas and his helpers are delivering presents for everyone, by throwing them down the chimneys. It's the ancestor of the American Santa Claus, since Dutch colonists took him to the USA. But my family decided to have it tomorrow evening, so I gladly took the time to take some pictures. :)

A lot of nice releases this weekend... Crazy Clothes released short sweaters with a huge collar in a thick wool texture, which I love very much. Knitted wool fits this season perfectly. As usually its so reasonably priced, I would suggest you tp over asap. :) Here is a close up of the sweater (doesn't come with the black sweater underneath):

I love the Nordic trend, both rl and sl and when I saw it coming up RL I hoped some great sl designers would pick it up and they did! Especially Aoharu / Anexx, who created these awesome boots. I. Love. Them. They also come in a knitted wool texture, so you get two boots for the price of one...

Also please note the leggings with the little snowflakes I'm wearing, so cute! Newest release from The Plastik, comes as usual in a ton of different textures and designs but these are my favorite.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Blowpop - N2 Elizabeth (Vapor 2 tone C, groupgift)
Hair: - Neva.2 (scornful red)
Short sweater: Crazy Clothes - Panama Sweater (white)
Sweater: Mischief - Bell Flower Sweater (charcoal)
Leggings: The Plastik - Leggings (pinstripe/snowflake)
Boots: Anexx - KnitLegwarmers + Heels (gray nordic)

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