Sunday, December 13, 2009

Justice by Idiosyncrasy

Ashia Tomsen is known to many of you as one of the free*style writers. She doesn't blog quite as much as she used to but she has the perfect reason for that: she became a skin creator. Her store is named Idiosyncrasy.

To be honest I didn't pay much attention to her very first releases, but then a few weeks ago during the sperm hunt I found a gift from her skinline Mia and I absolutely loved it. I even blogged about it here. When I received a notice from her newest skinline Justice I immediately headed over to her store to try on the demo's and I fell in love with the fresh new face instantly.

Justice is named after Ashia's best friend and has a lot of improvements compared to the Mia line. In my opinion its a bit more detailed and photorealistic then Mia, a bit more grown up. Since Justice is not a fan of freckles the skin (sadly) doesn't come with them, but there is a little spot next to the nose that gives the skin a bit of extra personality.

The lips are quite strong and you might want to adjust the shape of your lips a little to your own taste. But the lips are gorgeous as is, very lush, soft and kissable. The face is photorealistic, but not too much. I think it holds the balance between real and avatar perfectly well.

There are three different make up packs to choose from; 8am, 6pm and 2am. In this picture I am wearing the 8am pack, which has the most basic/classic make ups as you can imagine:

From left to right: base, 1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6, 7

The skins are also sold as seperates. I'm wearing the palest tone, but it also comes in two darker tones. With each skin you will get a light and dark version of the brows and a cleavage option. The eyebrows are a definite improvement compared to Mia's and are delicate but detailed. In this post I'm wearing brown hair since I thought that looked somehow much better then my usual red hair. I hope in the future Ashia will make a version with an even lighter brow for blonds ands reds.

The body is very nice and smooth. The collarbones are well drawn and very sexy. I love the back on this skin, soft lines and smooth skintexture. I might have liked it to have a bit more moles or spots to add more personality and if the butt was a bit more pronounced, a bit darker lines. The belly is just slightly muscled, not too much or little and the belly button is super cute and perfectly good.

Overall I like this skin a lot. Ashia is a very talented skin creator and she really puts her mark on her skin. The Justice face is really recognizable as one of hers. Get your demo here.

Kus Nere

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