Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prelude new releases

So the title says new releases, but its a hectic RL yannoo..., so it may not be that new anymore :) But still so cute it needs to be blogged.

When I received a nc about Prelude's new releases I was immediately curious what the talented Polaire Aeghin thought up this time. The new Lundi suit is a formal suit which comes with jacket and pants and optional fur. Its a very classy and stylish look and I especially love the jacket. I was surprised to find out the bottom part of the jacket is made using a system skirt. I deeply detest system skirts, but this one is so subtly put into the jacket it only hugs your female forms, it's hard to see that it is not part of the jackettexture. This jacket is also perfect to be worn on your old jeans, combining the classy with the casual.

The fur is a nice add-on, for if you want to go a little more uptown. I enjoy SL fashion having so much fur outfits released recently. You can wear it proud and stylish without feeling the least bit guilty.

The Petit Laine sweater is not a new release, but one of my favorites from Prelude. I love the texturing and the bright colors. I usually wear with another pair of pants cuz this is a little to colorful for me, but I really do like the entire outfit.

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas!

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Bella fair, For Your Lips Only (red)
Hair: Truth - Elle (burgundy)
Suit: Prelude - Lundi suit (chocolate)
Bag: BareRose - Clutch Bag (yellow)
Shoes: BAX Coen - Le.Look! La femme Boots (gift at LeLook)

Skin: AtomicBambi - Lanani sunblush (dk gold, subscribo gift, no history)
Hair: Kookie - Chiggy beta (chocolate brown)
Outfit: Prelude - Petit Laine Sweater (green)
Shoes: Decoy - Jully boots (ruby)

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