Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmassy mood

I just finished decorating my Christmas tree. Tbh I think its a stupid job, but I love the result! :) We have the same live tree which we had last year, we potted it and it survived summer, very cool. Anyhoo, it got me in the mood to make a Christmassy pic in world...

This chair with christmas texture on it is only 10l and the candles are free here at LP2. There's a free white Christmas tree as well. The scenery is by Atomic Owl and is their Down The Chimney Hunt gift. I love it, very versatile. My comfy sweater is one of the last releases from Crazy Clothes.

I'm also very happy with both the Curio skingift (Gala & Rita Design Announcements group, get from the notices) and the Clawtooth subscribo hairgift, which I'm sure half the grid is wearing by now. Not to mention the super boots from Coco... Great gifts like these make my SL day :)

Kus Nere


Maretch Waffle said...

Hi! awesome post & pics like always. I just wanted to tell you that the hair is from Clawtooth and not Lamb :]

Huggies <3

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

Omg you are so right! I often confuse those two, not sure why... Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it rightaway

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