Friday, December 25, 2009

My SL Christmas

Happy Happy Holidays everyone! I'm killing a little time on sl before starting Christmas dinner so thought I would show off a few of my presents from others and some I picked up for myself. I hope everyone has the best day ever and is looking forward to a bright and joyous new year! (Click to enlarge picture).

*Kookie * Chiggy Hair: Special for 25L pack with 3 colors.
Free Speerit Skin - Maya Pale Protoype: Group gift - join group grab in store.
BAX Prestige Boots: My honey bought me the fatpack for Christmas - mwahs!!
~hanamachi~ brown sparkly tights: Free in store - 7 colors to find in hunt.
=DeLa*= Oversized sweater "Lita": My gift from my girl Mel who I always admired this on!
Shabby Chic Red Christmas Scarf: This is part of a whole adorable outfit they have out right now for free. Join group and grab it in store.

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