Saturday, December 5, 2009

Candy Cane Hunt!

Another grid wide hunt. There are LOTS going on right now. The ironic thing is now I don't have the time in rl to spare to do them all - and there are so many I want to. *Sobs*. Looking for mugs of hot chocolate with a candy cane. The hunt blog is invaluable! Start it here. Lots of Christmas items of course. Worth mentioning is all my hair in these pictures are the new styles from Maitreya. Nere dangled the carrot and I bit. She's pure evil and I believe should pay me $750L as she knows how weak I am. What an enabler. Anyhoo, getting back on track, as always, my favorites:

Kastle Rock Couture: Santa Ballgown (There are a lot of Santa outfits in this hunt as I'm sure you can imagine. This one in my opinion is the best and really lovely.)
Bliss Couture: Nada Top
Touch of Sun: Candy Cane PJ's
Milestone Creations: Pose Giftbox (How cute is this?)
Xand's Kicks & Twirls: Candy Cane Dress

! Paw2Paw !:Track Jacket, Jeans and Tennis Shoes. This is a very nice unisex gift. I used to skip a lot of the Neko stores when doing hunts but they have been surprising me lately.


Maretch Waffle said...

You know Karina, when we first met I saw you at league with some friends. You were getting those blue jeans :D And then we knew each other! And you rock btw. I love your blog so freaking much. Hugs and kisses to you and Nereisse :)


Karina Larkham said...

Lol!!! Maretch your the chips!!! I love your blog too ( *Tight Hugs*

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