Friday, May 13, 2016

porch time ( the Instruments anniversary/Love Mommy Hunt/LTD The Event)

Another anniversary is running. The anniversary from the Instruments. Nic is showing you several presents from there. The ring, nails, the collar, the pose at the last picture.
Nic's leather body suit is from the Love Mommy hunt at Ricielli. Her wedges you can find at the Black Dot Project. It is a new release from*.: Shake:. * . I also went to the mainshop and found a black corset there as groupgift. From a tiny pose shop {Studio 15} is the selfie pose at the first picture. You get it with the iPhone and a wall tapestry. The gift is for the SLFrees&Offers group. The clutch with a pose you get from the subscribe-o-matic. Outside the shop is a Prince Tribute gift. It's a picture frame with pictures from Prince and texts. You can use the frame also for your own pictures ( see below).
New are the tie dye hammock chairs from Pixel Mode for the Love To Decorate May round. Nic created her relax corner at the porch with them. Aren't they lovely. (Land impact 7/ prims 5)

Tie Dye Hammock Chair: Pixel Mode at LTD -[PM]Pixel Mode -  Hammock Chairs (NEW)
Shoes: *.:Shake:.*at Black Dot Project- (11 may- 4 june) *.:Shake:.*  Kelsey Leather Wedge White (NEW)
Leather jumpsuit - Ricielli - Ricielli - LOVE MOMMY HUNT 2016 ITEM # 7 (15ld)

From The Instruments: (taxi here);
Nails: LUNA -  .::LUNA::. Body Art - Music Instruments Gift - SLink Nails (free)
Pose: GLITTER Poses - GLITTER Poses The Instruments gift (free)
Ring with oval: The Instruments Anniversary - Boutique #187 GIFT
Collar: !IT! - !IT! - Kawaii Bara Choker (free)

Pose/iPhone: {Studio 15}-{Studio 15} SL F&O Happy Girl Wall Hanging & Pretty Girl Pose (free)
Clutch: {Studio 15} - {Studio 15} Peaceful Elegance w/ Clutch - April Group Gift (free)
Picture frame: {Studio 15} - {Studio 15} Prince Tribute Gift ( free/ see changed below)
From inventory: Butterfly ring CAE; Hair-Liquence
Pictures taken at Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic
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