Monday, May 9, 2016

amunition unit (L'Homme Magazin Gifts)

In the amunition unit tjip is standing in front of a huge Wastlander statue. A nice place to look around for him. It is called the Forge. I came there with tjip because i was searching for the right lm to the Forge, but that was another one. This is from MCM Combat operations. The other is a shop The Forge & EZ Weaponry. Tjip got there a group gift from L'Homme magazin.They encourage you to join the reader's group because there are also group gift from the following designers.
 - Deadwool - - Gabriel - [kunst]- Meva- No.Match_Hair - RealEvil Industries - Samurai - Sharp by [ZD] and - Zibska.
Tjips is showing from those gifts the super jacket, the googles a necklace and the feather for on your jacket or shirt.
One of the necklaces is from Tabou for the we<3 Role-play anniversary. Tjip's wild hair is in the gift from Taketomi( Burley Republic Group/ info and notices)

Jacket: Cold_Ash for L'Homme -{COLD-ASH} Mens MESH EASTON Jacket (Dust) (free)
Feather: Deadwool for L'Homme -[Deadwool] Feather brooch - gift (free)
Watch: Kunst  for L'Homme - [ kunst ] - kWatch (L'Homme readers gift) (free)
Necklace:TABOU.  for We<3RP- TABOU. GIFT- We<3RP (free)
Necklace: The Forge for L'Homme - [The Forge] Rockstar Necklace, (free)
Goggles: The Forge for L'Homme -[The Forge] Welding Goggles, Steel (free)
Hair: Taketomi  - Mugen  [taketomi] Group Gift - 04/25/2016 (free/ in info and notices from the Burley Republic group)
From inventory: Jeans - N-Uno ( see post from last week)
Pictures made at: The Forge

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