Monday, May 2, 2016

Jane Austen's English Countryside

Saturday evening i was at the opening from LEA8 Jane Austen's English Countryside. We were dressed in the style of that period. Now i came back to make pictures from Nic in modern dresses, because it's so beautiful there. Nic is wearing a tattoo from White-Widow and a lurex wrap from Purple Moon ( with color hud) for the Runway Perfect Hunt#6. The hunt is running this month.Tips and slurls here. I already saw some good presents.
The blue dresses are from N-Uno. The one Nic is wearing in the windowsill ( musing about golden moments)  is from the lucky board. I show that one also below so  you can see the front of the dress better. The other one, that she is wearing, while walking through the grasses and the flowers is a groupgift. Backpack from the MOH7 hunt at Kenvie.
Shoes again from H@s 10ld each type and more groupgifts still available.

Lurex wrap: PurpleMoon Creations - TRPH6 #016 PurpleMoon (5ld)
Tattoo: White-Widow - [White~Widow] TRPH6 (5ld)
Blue dress: N-Uno - N-Uno - Susie Dress Light Blue (free)
Blue/white dress: N-Uno - N-Uno - Sweet Dress - Blue White (free)
BackPack: Kenvie - Kenvie male backpack Nile MOH7 ( free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Miss Dottie White ( 10ld/ group join 10ld)
From inventory: hair - Monso
Pictures made at: LEA8 
Bye bye, Nic

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