Friday, May 6, 2016

as the morning breeze touches your face ( The Runway Perfect hunt / May Flower Hunt)

As the morning breeze touches your face..remember that someone  far away is thinking about you.
This text will appeal to many of you with good relations in sl.
Nic is a gypsy today. She is showing you several sets.At the moment there are many boho outfits in sl. I think the month may with many flowers inspires many designers.
Nic's windblown hair is a gift at Virtual Diva. The other hairs are from Moon. The long hair from the lucky board the one with the tail is from the MM board. From Moon Amore are a flower hairband, the band with the birds and a necklace with flowers. Two necklaces are from the chapter four anniversary and also the pink shoes. Scroll for more pictures

Outfit with sandals:Finale Couture - TRPH6 ( The Runway Perfect hunt)#038 Finale Couture
Hair: Virtual Diva - Try Hair Group Gift may ( free)
Flower hear band: Moon Amore - :Moon Amore: Mary Tiara (free)
Crown and birds: Moon Amore - :Moon Amore: Aurelia One Word Aniversary Gift (free)
Flower Necklace : Moon Amore -  :Moon Amore: Sakura Necklace Gift (free)
Short necklace: LAZYBONES at TCF - LAZYBONES - Spike Choker - Black (free)
Cross necklace : etham - TCF 3rd Anniversary :: - etham (free)

Second outfit:Petite Mort- Petite Mort- May group gift (free)
Hair: Moon - Moon. Hair // - Naturals - Echoes (free/ but group join fee)
Hat: Rose - Marine - Part of R@SE^__^M@RINE  WRONG WONDERLAND

Third outfit: Prism - Prism_Cora_by_Journey_the_May_Flower_Hunt_2016
Shoes: Empire at TCF anniversary - #EMPIRE - Peony Gift  - Chapter Four ( free)
Hair: Moon - Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Eleven:11 (MM/ free/ group join 100ld)
Bandana: La Gazza Ladra gacha - ~LGL~ Songbirds . Bandana (Floral/rose) Blogger
Head band on the French Bulldog: Pink Acid gacha - Pink acid - Roses in spring headband
Bag with french bull dog: Foxes - Foxes - Puggy Gift set <3 (free)
Flower hair band: Aisling - .aisling. Spring Roses Crown (free)
From inventory: Bulldog - O.M.E.N. ;  Bulldog - Alchemy; poses - Diesel Works and poppycock
Pictures taken : Nouveau
Bye bye, Nic

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