Thursday, May 19, 2016


A nostalgic mood because of the remains of a graveyard. Nic was walking around and found this. She is wearing a sexy dress from monaLISA. You get the dress with a texture and color hud. In Nic's hair is a hair flower from the Enchanted hunt ( May 14 - May 31)  from NSP. Go to the starting point of the hunt ( here) or in the shop ( in this case the White Armory) for a Thumbelina hud. Then search a fairytale book with flowers in the shop. For this one look near the groupgifts. In my inventory i had this flower bouquet already from NSP (old groupgift). All old groupgifts from NSP are still available in one box. Upstairs in the White Armory shop. Nic's shoes are from H@s. The necklace  is from a gacha at Aisling. The hair is from Truth a sales item at marketplace.
The mossy walls are a release from unKindness at Love to Decorate the Event (12th of May- 26th of  May). New for the May round are these mossy garden walls ranging from 1 to 4 land impact.  Available are:Wall with steps,
double post wall ,single post,left post wall  and right post wall.

Dress: monaLISA --mL- Norika Outfit (Maitreya/Physique/Venus/Isis) - HUD (NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIT Ami variety hud  SALE ( 100ld)
Hair flowers: MUSE/NSP for Enchanted hunt  - I Believe MUSE/NSP  (free)
necklace: Aisling - .aisling. GAIA - Necklace Dark RARE (Gacha)
Bouquet: NSP - [Muse] and NSP  past group Gifts  2013 - 2016 mar (free)
Mossy walls: unKindness at LTD the Event - uk - Mossy Garden Walls Set - LTD (NEW)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s
Pictures made at: Nymphai
Bye bye, Nic

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