Saturday, May 7, 2016

bright sunny day

Tjip walked along the beach and and came by accident at this camping place. Good place to show his set from N-Uno. 3 days he hitted the MM board. First got the jeans then the shirt over shoulder and  finally the tank. May be  this day there will be another gift in the MM board, but these gifts will come back .. so check it regularly. He wears an old tatoo from Taox ( old MOH gift). Tjip is wearing the groupgift hair from Taketomi. You can find 2 free hairs in the info and notices from the Burley Republic group. The colors are not used before colors. I like this brown/ grey combi. Behind tjip the pallet beach chair with green pillow from the Midnight Madness from today ( showed in the post before this one/ look there for the info).

Jeans: N-Uno - N-Uno - Rick Jeans // N4
Shirt: N- Uno - N-Uno - Rick Shirt // N9
Tank: N-Uno -N-Uno - Rick Tank Top // Turquoise
Hair: Taketomi - [taketomi]_Jirou_NeverBeforeUsedTones (wear) [Men's Gift](free/ in info and notices of the Burley Republic group)
From inventory: skin - 7 deadly skins ( last MOH gift)
Bye bye, Nic

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