Saturday, April 18, 2015

oh what a night....send in the clowns ( Tag gatcha .. gatchatopia event)

Oh what a night. I couldn't sleep and met my friend Shakespeare by accident, when i tried to understand the Tag gatcha event. Gatchatopia. He stood in the Clawtooth shop where i landed. He helped to explain how the event works and we talked. And oh my goodness..later on he sended me so many gatcha items. He couldn't use them and he knew i could use it  for this blog..I realy was overwhelmed by his kindness. SUPER THANKS Shakespeare.

For you, readers,  to understand how Tag gatcha works some explanation: .TAG! Gacha is a HUD based event that takes players out across the grid to discover the mainstores of some Second Life’s best and most original artists. Their journey begins at Gachatopia, where they discover a new and original build each round and pick up a free game HUD. As they visit each store, players find a brand new gacha collection to play. Every gacha collection has a Mystery Rare in the form of a coupon that players can win. Once players have visited all 50 locations they unlock the redemption room where they can then redeem their coupons for their Mystery Rares. Mysteries are exclusive to TAG! Read more>> how to play

Top: Wicked - WICKED * Sylvi - Tank Top (Mint) (free/LB  from 19-04-2015)
Pants: !gO- !gO! Spring pants unisex - Roses (NEW)

From gatchatopia event: gatchatopia starting point
Rack: [noctis] for gatchatopia - [noctis] clown rack violet
Chair: Haikei - Haikei look through the window gatcha {3}
Magazine rack: Haikei - Haikei - look through the window gatcha {2}
Mask: The Forge - The Forge goblin mask red
Hair: Clawtooth - Clawtooth: LADY LULU Prize 9
Spinning wheel: Apt B - Apt B Spinning wheel
Cotton Candy: {imeka} - {Imeka} Sweets of Circus - Cotton Candy {Color 1}
From inventory: Shoes - ANE ( NEW/ see posts before this one)
Pictures made at: Dawn of Radiance , green valley

Bye bye, Nic

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