Sunday, April 19, 2015

tire breakdown on the fantastic Wayward hunt

Nic got a bicycle from the Wayward Hunt. But on the road , while she was hunting, she had a tire breakdown as you can see. I am totally enthousiatic about this Wayward hunt. The hunt runs until the first of May. You need find a carton box. Very good shops participate and the presents are super. More pictures and lm's here
Nic shows a wide shirt from M. Birdie. From the hunt are also the necklace, hair ( recolored the hair) and shoes. The grocerie basket is from the Xiazumi School Festival from Tentacio. The charm bracelet is from a hunt at The Free Dove ( the shop where i started in my beginning of sl.. good old memories)
Tjip wears a new suit from the Midnight mania board at Lineal Rise Design. The hair is from A&A. You get the hair in bronze but  you can recolor. It's a bit old hippie or rock and roll style hair. But when you resize it's more modern hair in my opinion.

Blue bicycle: In info and notices from the Wayward hunt group. Poster for join group in  every shop(free)
Bangles Ninety-Candy Ninety-Candy Bangles Mesh Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- Ninety (free)
Necklace : Moon Amore: :Moon Amore: Traveler Necklace (unpacked)
Loose  t-shirt: M. Birdie Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- M.birdie (free)
Hair:  MINA Hair- Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- MINA Hair (free)
Shoes:  CandyDoll - Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- CandyDoll (free)
Charm bracelet: .:Glint:..:Glint:./ Free dove hunt item #2-womens (free)
Basket: Tentacio  at Xiazumi School Festival -
From inventory: Spiked legging - Shey

Tjip wears:
Suit: LRD - LRD MM board Suit Jon May/June
Hair: A&A at Discreet Water mall- A&A Present and Info (free) 17th April 2015
Pictures made at: Gravitys Rainbow

Bye bye, Nic

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