Friday, April 3, 2015

ever an' Angel?

Can i be ever an' Angel for you? I hope i can be, but ofcourse i can't be ever an Angel.
Yesterday i got a message from the Womenstuff group with information from the shop "Ever an'Angel". I saw the sweet dress (see below) that they have as a groupgift. But oh boy... group gift join. And i always have too little group space. I was in doubt what to do. Join or not join to have the opportunity to show the dress to you. I wrote with the co-owner  and  she .. well she didn't gave me the nice dress to blog... but the new release, the jeans with top. But evil me... i also wanted to show you that groupgift. So i used the picture from the notecard. You get the dress and the shoes!
The top and jeans are with a sea horse ..i dived in my inventory for sea horse accessories.  The pink pumps from a hunt at Lindy Modern&Retro shoes combine well  with the outfit. Nic took her sweater with her because near the water it can be cold.

Top and jeans: Ever an' Angel - Ever An' Angel  Sandpiper Jeans & Top - Sea Plum (new)
Dress: Ever an'Angel - Ever an'Angel  Picnic Sun Dress - peach ( free/ but group join fee)
Shoes: Lindy Modern& Retro shoes - Lindy's Eggshell Hunt Gifts (free)
Necklace and earrings: Freya's- Freya's Finest Mesh seahorse earrings and neckcord
From inventory; Necklace - Yummy (was a Tableau gift); hair - Truth; waist sweater - Monso; bag- Aitui
Pictues made at: Tres Chique Venue 

Bye bye, Nic
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