Thursday, July 3, 2014

what is in the red bag?

Nic walks to her place on the beach. Red bags in her hand. In it the clothes to give herself every time a new look. On the first pictures you see her bikini. A new release from OrsiniRed. The necklace is the new groupgift from Sweet Leonard. So cute!!The white dress with red flowers is from the shop that i mentioned in Nic's last women post. The shop will be closed fast, but still is there. All things are 1ld, so this sweet dress is nice to take with you to the beach. And then as i said before in another post, embroidery is what i see more and more in sl. This is the new release from FA Creations. Next:  a boho skirt combined with the bikini top from Orsinired. The boho skirt is the groupgift for July from FA Creations.
Must have been a heavy bag with all those nice new clothes.

Bikini and (head piece from outfit blu):  OrsiniRed at the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair - OrsiniRed Mare Blu Outfit Blush (NEW)
White dress with red flowers: Resident Fashion -  :::RF:::  Dress Lara Floral Red (1ld)
Dress with embroidery: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Zoey Tunic Dress Red (NEW)
Boho skirt: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Joni Maxi Skirt & Belt [Group Gift July 2014] (free)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - Leonard! Summer Breeze Necklace V2 [-VIP GIFT-] (free/ group join fee)
Red glases: SMC - :SMC: Glasses-RED  several wear possibilities (free ) Oh they removed this one. But nice new stuff in the lucky boards!! For example shorts with a bit open front.
From inventory: Red bag with wine free at marketplace, hair -Damselfly ( free at summer of Love Fair), Red bag- oldie from an event.
Pictures made at: Serena Long Cay
Beach huts to change clothes ;) -Spiders Design
Bye bye, Nic

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