Monday, July 7, 2014

missed the tram

Shopping and missing the tram is annoying. So she is sitting in front of the cute bookshop waiting for another tram to arrive. So easy in sl with an sit anywhere chair ;)!
Nic wears a complete outfit from Vips Creations. Bee Tizzy likes to offer you complete outfits  with shoes, necklace, sunglasses and bag etc. I love this boho outfit. After many days with gifts and presents is a not free complete set like this no problem, i think. And when you look around in the shop you can find two nice groupgift for the month july. In embroidery style with shoes.
The flower hairband is from my inventory from Xen's hats

Complete boho outfit: Vips Creations - Female Outfit - Summer Day - Boho Outfit (not free)
But in the shop are  two groupgifts (free)
From inventory: Hairband - Xen's hats; sit anywhere chait Wolfmoon designs ( shop is gone ); hair - Exile
Pictures taken at: Philomenaville  

Bye bye, Nic

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