Wednesday, July 23, 2014

baguette every day

Where is Nic? Not difficult to say i think. Nic wears two gifts from the Hair Fair 2014. The hair is from K Code. I added the fringe messy hairs on her forehead  from Shi ( also a gift at HF2014).
The clothes are a  mix from findings at the OMG Room. I just wear under the black vest an old gift from Coco ..the bow blouse. The shoes are for slink mid feet. Nic wears a plaster because she dropped the tray with coffee in the post before this one.

Hair: K Code at HF2014- K-CODE Free Hair (all colours & LM inside)(free)
Messy fringe hair on fore head : .Shi at HF2014-  .Shi : Messy Fringe Gift - Hairfair 2014 [Unrigged](free)
Shoes, shorts and black vest: Night Design at OMG Room - TOP SHORT E SHOE (3ld)
Teal top: FoReVeR at OMG Room  - * FoReVeR* Top 03 (5ld)
Skirt: FORMIS at OMG Room - part of outfit [FORMIS DESIGNE]OUTFIT CAMY (5ld)
Jewelry: Glitzz store - [G] Zarut - Bronze (1ld)
Plaster: House of Manderley -  Boo Boo Band aid plaster tattoo ( not shown)(1ld)
From inventory Baguette - ASO and TOSL; plaster - severed garden; donut -
Pictures made near the ASO shop 

Bye bye, Nic

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