Saturday, July 5, 2014

he doesn't like a goldfish?

Good morning fashionista's. Nic did some fishing in the early morning. But i think the bird doesn't like that fish. Or is he afraid of her. Nic shows you a marine tee from M*Motion. It is a secret gift in the shop. Walk into the shop, go the left to where you find some plants and water. There you find a button. Press the button and the shirt is your's. More i don't explain, because it must be a sort of secret. There are new items in the lucky board at M*Motion
The jeans bermuda is from Hawker's House. It is part of the men's gift. Nic got her sandals at Pure Poison. Wear your grouptag and hit the blue gatcha machine. One pair is a gift for you. Nic got the rare one.
The botanical fishing rod is designed by Kriss Lehmann. And a gift. If you want such a rod, ask me, i can transfer it to you.

Top: M*Motion - M*Motion Special Thanks! Secret Gift (free)
Pants: Hawker's House - *HH* GROUP GIFT JULY 4th 2014
Sandals: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Text - Lilly Ann Sandals BOXED - RARE ( free)
Fishing rod: Kriss Lehmann - botanical - Free fishing rod ( ask me and you will get it/ free)
From inventory: Hair - Liquence; fishing bag- Sleepy Eddy
Pictures made at: The trace

Bye bye, Nic

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