Sunday, July 20, 2014

preparing a yard sale

Preparing a yard sale? Under the pergola near her home the event will be held. But all went wrong as you can see. Oh my goodness Nic seems to think! Tables full with cups but lots of them on the ground.
Well it is not Nic's fault. The table with checkered tablecloth and the cups are a gift from the hunt at The Gallery Giftshop Anniversary. Included with the table are also the trees with roses (topiary) and without roses (not shown) and the stool.  From that hunt Nic shows more: her new eyes, the blue prism necklace, the chain necklace in Nic's mouth and the cute box with panda bear. You need find paintings with a ribbon. Very easy to find.
Nic wears a new release from chronokit the beautiful poloshirt ( many possibilities in the shop for male and female and long and short model). The cowboy hat is the gift from Argrace at the Hair Fair 2014.

Taxi to The Gallery Giftshop (TGGS) / walk the red carpet to the place of the hunt.
Table, cups and trees and stool:Kalopsia - Kalopsia - Wonderland Party (The White Queen Set) (free)
Chain necklace:W E S T 143RD - W E S T 143RD TGGS HUNT suck on my chain ( free/TGGS)
Prism necklace; Gala Fashion Designs ~ {.::GFD::.} ~ Prism Necklace (Mesh) - (free/TGGS)
Box with panda: *N*Oke &sasabune - - *N*TGGS2014 Gift Frame ( free/TGGS)

Poloshirt: chronokit -*chronokit* Poloshirts01  (NEW)
Hat: Argrace at HF 2014 - *ARGRACE* GIFT limited color for Hair fair 2014 (free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace; espadrilles - Miel.
Picture made at homeplace

Bye bye, Nic

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