Wednesday, July 30, 2014

it was a bright day... we reached the shore of a new land

High on the ship at the observationpost Nic was the first to discover new land. As my ancestors did long ago. They sailed around the world and discovered parts of Australia. Holland became a rich country because of the overseas trade at that time. It was a country of seafarers. In that time they competed with other nations and pirates. Many naval battles were held.
Nic is wearing a commanders outfit from !gO! for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. Starts 8th august 2014. This is outfit nr. 4. The textures are very good. There is also a captain outfit for males.

Commander outfit: !gO! at Fantasy Gatcha Carnival  open 8th august - !gO! Commander Outfit 4 (NEW)
From inventory: binocular - Severed Garden; sandals - Pure Poison; necklace - Brii ( at OMG room); hair - Clawtooth

Bye bye, Nic

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