Sunday, July 13, 2014

preparing for the night

In roman style. Nic shows you a new release from !gO! for we <3 roleplay. First time with more nudity from Nic. Because this dress is so delicate and sexy without a bra. But i show you one picture with a bra, that fits very well in my opinion. It is from Luck Inc. From My inventory. I think the shop is gone?
The garden ballet straps with ornaments on Nic's feet are a good combination with this roman dress.
Nic wears one of my many findings on the Hair Fair. The hair is from Analog Dog. Comes with an attachment ( not shown here). What was i looking weird to make it possible to arrive at the fair! May be i will make a picture to show you next time. Hilarious! Without nice hair and feet and just simple clothes, but i succeeded. The brush for the bath is also a present at the hair fair.

Dress: !gO! for we <3 roleplay event  - !gO! Toga - Greek (NEW, now 50% off)
Straps: OrsiniRed for the black dot project ( this round untill 20th july)- OrsiniRed Garden Ballet Strap Gold
Hair: Analog Dog: at Hair Fair 2014 - AD - pop scotch - FULL COLOR PACK (free)
Brush: Studio One  at HF2014 - DQ...Shower Set ( HF 2014  1L GIFT!
From inventory: ducks - d-lab ; Hair band  - Xen's hats
Pictures made at: Caverns of  Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

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