Sunday, July 13, 2014

preparing for the night

In roman style. Nic shows you a new release from !gO! for we <3 roleplay. First time with more nudity from Nic. Because this dress is so delicate and sexy without a bra. But i show you one picture with a bra, that fits very well in my opinion. It is from Luck Inc. From My inventory. I think the shop is gone?
The garden ballet straps with ornaments on Nic's feet are a good combination with this roman dress.
Nic wears one of my many findings on the Hair Fair. The hair is from Analog Dog. Comes with an attachment ( not shown here). What was i looking weird to make it possible to arrive at the fair! May be i will make a picture to show you next time. Hilarious! Without nice hair and feet and just simple clothes, but i succeeded. The brush for the bath is also a present at the hair fair.

Dress: !gO! for we <3 roleplay event  - !gO! Toga - Greek (NEW, now 50% off)
Straps: OrsiniRed for the black dot project ( this round untill 20th july)- OrsiniRed Garden Ballet Strap Gold
Hair: Analog Dog: at Hair Fair 2014 - AD - pop scotch - FULL COLOR PACK (free)
Brush: Studio One  at HF2014 - DQ...Shower Set ( HF 2014  1L GIFT!
From inventory: ducks - d-lab ; Hair band  - Xen's hats
Pictures made at: Caverns of  Aleval

Bye bye, Nic


Unknown said...

Hi Nic

You look sooo fine... do you know if this dress works with the WowMeh body?


Nicandra Laval said...

Oooh sorry Michelle i just saw your question. Nice to hear you like it. I don't know if it works with that body. May be ask the designer of !gO! . I hope she can help you.
bye bye, and kisses, Nic

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