Saturday, April 21, 2012

it started with the hat

Nic found this oversized free sunhat. And then her imagination went high. Dragged her suitcase from her inventory. And in her casual clothings (she weared them already in other posts ) went off to find an airplane to fly her to her sl friend in Ukrain. Hmmm.. but it were just war airplanes, bombers and heli's she found. Finally she came at an aircraft carrier. First had a stop-over at a beautiful place. And as you can see she arrived in Ukrain :) father Lenin was welcoming her. Like on the big square in Kharkov were Nics friend lives.
Americans a famous statue from your country already is on this blog see here

Sunhat: Sleeping Koala - Kawaii Fair 2012 - GIFT - [Sleeping Koala] ( free)
Travel Bag: TSL - *TSL* Mala de Viagem - Travel Bag ( free)

And uhmmm is she an undercouver agent? We will never know Gabi ;) bye bye  Nic

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