Saturday, April 28, 2012

shaving thistles?

This post is a special for Laura or was it Laila? Hehe. Well i shall explain a bit for the readers here. The bloggers for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge  from Luna Jubilee, sometimes chat in groupchat. Much fun talk and sighs about the colour and questions about being ready in time for the upcoming week and so on. This happened also last week. And i don't know why this topic came up. But Laura or Laila said: "No way shaving my beautiful soft legs with hard iron of a razorblades. No way to do my kini-line like that! " The discussion was full of jokes fom America to Holland and Italy, over and back. So I hope Lau (or Lai) doesn't forget that we asked her to show her kini-line this week. They both can be very sexy. I am looking forward to it.

Nic gives a demonstration how to go to a spa with a well shaved kini-line. See the difference on one of the pictures. Thistles on her legs and around her kini-line is a little bit exaggerated. But you can see the difference when you click the picture to enlarge. Now she can go relax while getting a massage.
Nic wears razorblades everywhere to brighten up the theme. Earrings, necklace and a razorblade in her mouth. She even changed her hair to show you the razor blade earrings.

Although the girls won't agree with me. I can highly recommend the electric shaver that i bought for 5ld on marketplace. It has cute animations in it. Sitting near the pool Nic used a shaving poseball.
Her outfit had to be in thistle colour. So i recoloured the  lace cardigan from Coco for this occasion to make a good combination with the purple polkadot bikini. Couldn't find it back in the shop but you can camp there for 60 minutes to get a purple lingerie set.

Lingerie: Pixel Passion- Pixel Passion Olivia Purple ( free)
Shave poseball: Sylva's Animation Factory - Leg Shaving T ( 60ld)
Electric shaver: Jin Jin electric store - Electric Shaver Box ( 5ld)
Mouth razor: Dirtyland - dl:: Mouth Razor groupgift ( free)
Earrings: Jetcity - JETCITY -Razorblade Earrings (free)
Necklace: Hexed - Razor  Blade Necklace
From Inventory: Hair- Catwa (Hadeya) Hair - Truth

Be beautiful in thistle Laura and Laila ;), Nic


Tigist Sapphire said...

LOVE IT! hahahaha the conversations we have!

Yvette Donner said...

It was Laura, and I keep telling her that the lady she sees is not a beautician, she is a dog groomer! REALLY cute post, Nic, and I love the pics!

Asia said...

I just love your blog posts Nic, they are always so inventive, cute and funny. You are a great blogger :)

Alexandra said...

ha ha ha!

Fledge said...

That's hilarious, and you look great with those poses - the top recoloured well and the shaver also nearly matches!

inkie Loudwater said...

A job well done Look out for the razor blade in your mouth

Unknown said...

Funny! girls talking :p

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw Nicky you sneak! LOL yes it was I who said that.. LOL but Kae didn't allow more kini line that what you saw this week.. :P
Too cute!

Kaelyn Alecto said...

OMG whahahaha *wipes tears from laughing* I am so loving these groupchats! You're all cracking me up! Awesome post! :P

Laila Laperriere said...

HAHAHAAA!!! I LOVE THIS!! Yah, it was Lau who has the beautiful legs that are waxed. I was the one who mentioned the weed wacker for the bikini area. LOL!
You did such an awesome job on this, you have such a great personality and it truly shows in this post. I think your probably the cutest person and avi ive ever seen shave!! LOL
xoxo Loves ya!

Jasmine Ballinger said...

This is hilarious and cute!

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