Saturday, April 28, 2012


Searching for a thistlefield in France Nic came along a memorial place for those who died during World War II. Nic walked around on the graveyard and was impressed.
In this time of the year, on the 4th of May we in Holland have remembrance day for those who died during the war. On 5 May we honour our freedom.

Light purple, like thistle, is a feminine colour. I love this colour and immediately knew what Nic should wear for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge. And yes Color Challenge bloggers you saw this shirt from Ohmarie last week. Lashae Karsin showed it in gray. Such a pity that the shop is gone.But..but.. but.. next week the designer will place her stuff on marketplace sl, she told me. YEAHHHHH! The wedges with socks were also from that shop and the ring with the heart. Nic's hair is free from A&A at marketplace..

Because the Ohmarie outfit isn't available now i added this dress from A La Folie at Mimi's choice. So you can go and get something in thistle colour. 

First outfit:
Hair: A&A - A&A Alma Hair Strawberry ( free)
Undershirt: Jane - JANE - femme lace cami.whites
White skirt: CKnife - *CKnife* Kakigori series pants&skirt (white)
In the Cutie Knife shop are at the moment lucky boards with a nice parka and a sweater
Second outfit;
Dress: AlaFolie at Mimi's Choice - AlaFolie LOLITA PARME  (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Exile Monica

Kisses, Nic


~Jade~ said...

I love the top on the first image- very soft and romantic!

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw I bought that top from Ohmarie too! Just didn't use it lol. So cute Nicky :)

Kaelyn Alecto said...

Beautiful! <3

Laila Laperriere said...

Beautiful, and I love this color because it is so very feminine. xoxo

Yvette Donner said...

Aw, I almost missed this post. Hey, you and I wore the same shoes from OhMarie :P Love both outfits. You're adorable, Nic :)

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