Sunday, April 29, 2012

on the sofa

Not on the sofa at the psychotherapeut, but at home on my new sofa. I like such a sofa with blue and striped cushions. It fits beach/harbour style and that is all around on my home place. So cute are the baskets under it. It is the groupgift from Y's House. The basket with bluebells is from marketplace. It is also a butterfly emitter. Nic took a tiramisu and poundcake to celebrate that she got her sofa. The sweets are free at Petit Poche. And last but not least she shows the new sweater from the Midnight Mania board at Poison. Thanks all who did come to help and click, to get it. Nic took a picture of all this to show her friends. The picture in the mouth is from Dirtyland at marketplace. You can put your picture on it. Rezz the photo and drag you picture on it.

Photo in mouth: Dirtyland - dl:: My photo ( free)
Basket with bluebells: meadowWorks - Woodland Bluebells Basket w Butterflies (free)
Sofa: Y's House - *Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right [Denim]_Group gift.ver_resend ( free)
Tiramisu: Petit Poche - Glass tiramisu set (free)
Poundcake: Petit Poche - Anne of Green Gables poche (free)
Sweater: Poison - >>>Poison<<< Pa-que shirt_red_female ( free)
From inventroy: Hair - Truth (Roxana); Denimdress - Gabriel ( sale), Pumps - TDR (1ld each)

Relax, Nic

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