Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Addiction Hunt!

Well, apparently I did the Addiction Hunt last year too.  I didn't seem to think too much of it when I blogged it then - but I was super excited for some reason when I heard there was going to be another.  It seems to me last year was feeding a lot more on the illegal drug, darkness, grunge aspect of addiction while the gifts this year had much more of a coffee and chocolate addiction theme.   I feel a little kinship with Maleficent Benoir (since we both have hunt blogs and she's on my friends even though she probably doesn't know how I got there), the organizer of the hunt. You possibly recognize her as the mastermind behind The Hunt Locations .  I digress and say this hunt is awesome.  Go do it now.  Go now - do it.  You can read more about it here (on my hunt blog).  
Mah Poor Quality: Hard Long Night Skin & Lashes
Adoring Charms: Aura - Precious
CandyDoll:  Addicted
Skinthesis: Bela Lugosi's Dead
BOUNCE: Paillettes Dress and Leggings
Pretty Lady: MaryJane Blue Top with Skirt
[iD]entity: Da Baddest Jacket and Panties
Zahir: Engelse Drop II Bikini
Cynful: AddictedToPink Tank, Leggings (wish I could pull these up a bit) and Flats 
Alexohol Fashions: Top and Mini Skirt with Shush: Love.. be my last tattoo (winks at triper)
Acid & Mala Creations: Just-what-i-want  Dress with Adoring Charms :Bondar Pumps Gold Satin
AlaFolie: MANON Gown
 GC (Good Clothing): Titan Outpost Top, Pants, Belt, Straps (comes with boots too not shown)
Cero Style: Addicted marita dress
WoE: Graecyn Jean Capris with Trinity Ribbed Tank
Nekoholic: sexy Shirt, Pants, Underpants, Undershirt
Rasetsukoku: Female Hoodie with LiNe: Geeky Glasses
Noirilicious: Lacy Tops Linen Black
Sascha's Designs: Whisher Blue Cocktail Dress with Chop Zuey: Colours - Out of the Blue Bracelet
MFP and MVP designs: Fashion Victim Jacket with Baubles Jewelry: Bracelets
Ducknipple: Milker - Dot blue Top
Petunia: Grace Sundress with Izzie's: Bow Waist Belt black (other colors in the pack - love, love, love this!)
Hyper Culture: Cropped Half Cardigan with High Waist Skirt
Sassy Kitty Designs: Sexy Addiction Dress with  LOULOU&CO: Bracelets

There are LOADS more goodies not shown.

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