Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Flair Hunt!

I know I keep saying it but I love these smaller hunts - being able to get one done in just a day or two is dreamy.  I was surprised how much I loved most of the gifts in this hunt.  You can read more about it here.  Not all of them seemed to be very "Vintage" (or my perception of vintage).  When I did this hunt the blog was a mess - so I strongly suggest you join the hunt group (aptly titled Hunters Group. - you can join from my profile) and check notices for the most current surls and hints.
La Belle Dame Sans Merci: Cyd Gown and Hat with Envy Designs: Mary Jane Pumps
Lemania Indigo Designs: Baby Love Gown and Shoes
May's Soul: Star Top (3 options), skirt and fishnets (includes other accessories not shown)
Xplosion: Corset (multiple options) with aRAWRa: Vintage Tattoos (capri's not from hunt)
Cilian'gel Boutique: Got Noon?  Dress, Bolero, Gloves
aMuse: Vintage Flair Dress
Ducknipple: Sonnet - Blue (leggings not from hunt)
Flirt: Zeno dress
Slave of the Dreams (SOTD): Vintage Red pantsuit
diavolicious: Female-Vintage
FIN *Relive the fifties: 1950 Cocktail Dress
Zahir: Vintage Flair Paris Bikini 

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