Monday, July 5, 2010

My Dash to the House of Dashwood!

Triper and I spend a lot of time dancing in SL.  We both have two left feet in RL so being graceful on the dancefloor in SL is a wonderful way to use our imagination while still leaving us time to chat and enjoy each others company.

Since Ballroom is our preference, I'm always on the lookout for new dress shops.  I found The House of Dashwood while picking up freebies at Christmas.  Dashwood Muircastle had a lovely gown set out free for the holidays and it's been a love affair for me every since.  Her gowns flow beautifully, the textures are absolutely lovely and the styles are exactly what I would love to wear in RL.  

Very reasonably priced and there is a lovely group gift in the shop right now at the House of Dashwood.
Venetian Empire Gown (225L)
Zoey Black Bias Gown (195L)
Athena Gold/Chiffon Empire Gown (100L)
Down the Rabbit Hole Blue Alice Costume (425L)
Dark Hearts Alice Costume (425L)
I love the contemporary twist on these!
Daffodil Belle A-line Gown skirt (Current Group Gift - Free)
Scarlett Gown (New Release 1000L)

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