Thursday, July 8, 2010


I used to get so excited when PixelDolls released something new, but along the way I started to loose track of their developments. Until today the new releases caught my eye and I decided to take a look of what had become of one of my first SLoves.

After tping in I found myself right in the middle of the new releases. Oh joy, saves lazy me a lot of searching. The newer releases all looked very decent, and had that distinct PixelDolls feel to them, a bit of brocade woven in. Then my eye got the little boxes below every vendor. Oh my. Almost a free version of every new release in the color violet. How generous is that!

Anyway, my inventory is never too full so I picked up a piece of everything. Shown on this last picture is the actual last release that caught my eye. They are in several colors available, but I'm showing the free Violet version. Yes. Four dresses for free. Not to mention several other tops...

I think its impressive for a store to be around so long and still deliver items on a regular basis. And the designs do look improved, because to be honest PixelDolls had a few texture flaws, especially on the seams. But so far, PixelDolls is still around and delivering.

Kus Nere

Skin: dekade - Brooke (group gift)
Hair: fri. - Miley (Passionate red)
Top: PixelDolls - Papillon Top (violet. free)
Dresses: Pixeldolls - Fade Dresses (violet, free)
Jeans: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight)
Pumps: NX - Kurvy T-strap

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