Sunday, September 4, 2022

la vie en rose


La vie en rose. Good times in Paris. She went to Paris to visit a dear friend. Lots of nice memories are made. 
"When he hugs me/he talks to me very softly/I see la vie en rose/He says words of love to me/Everyday words/But me, it moves me/He entered my heart/A great feeling of happiness/Whose cause I know/It's him for me, me for him always/He told me, swore it for life/And the moment I was aware of it/Then I discovered it in myself/ My heart is beating" ( Edith Piaf)
At the end of the visit she got those sweet balloons as a sweet reminder for at home.

Nic is showing you a top with push up boobs. For some bodies the juicy boobs were already possible, but not for the Maitreya body. But now you can get items with juicy boobs for the Maitreya body at Arcane Spellcaster. Addons for juicy boobs for the Maitreya body I saw also at Nerido and Ecru Couture. This top is available in a fatpack. Many colors and textures with  different styles. I did choose the sweet flowery top but I love the camo version too a lot.You can also add ants to the top. Nice for halloween.
The hair is a new release of WINGS Hair at the Level Event.
Nic's pants are in the Saturday Sale at Blueberry. Her shoes are an Uber gift. The drink with donuts is in the Fifty Linden Friday Sale at Hive. 
In an earlier post I told you about the evoshop teleport hud. This weekend is their celebration weekend. All things in the hud are just 1 ld. Many things you can get. Nic is showing the bag and the love balloons that I bought with the hud. The bag comes with a texture hud.
The skin I got because I was sitting 50 minutes at a camp chair at 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Group membership is needed. 

Hair: WINGS-HAIR at Level Event - WINGS-HAIR-ER0826 Variety (Pack)(NEW)
Top: *Arcane Spellcaster*  - bag Top Symo Push  *Arcane Spellcaster* (NEW)
Pants: Blueberry - Blueberry - [TSS 9/3] In Control Pants - Classic Pack ( Saturday Sale)
Heels: [BREATHE]-[BREATHE]-Samona_Heels_Uber Gift (free/Uber gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly - s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - JUWEEL skins (camp chair/ group join not free)
Gloss of the lips is in the hud of the LeLutka Ryn head
Head: LeLUTKA - LeLUTKA Ryn Head EVOX 3.1
Iced coffee: hive // - / iced coffee & donut run (50ld/FLF Sale)
Necklace : Kibitz - Kibitz - Zodiac necklace - pisces
Bag: *INT* -*INT* BAG ELEGANCY HUD COLORS(1ld/in Evoshop hud/see link in text)
Balloons: HORL - HORL - Love Ballons (1ld/in Evoshop hud/see link in text)
From inventory: Dog - JIAN; chair,table and coffee -Chez Moi; paper and glasses - Dust bunny

Bye bye, Nic

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