Monday, August 8, 2022

Persian dreams


On the balcony on a hot damp night sitting after dancing with him. The humidity is high so sleeping isn't going to work so well. The moon is shining bright. She is still dreaming about the good times they had.

Nic is wearing a gown that you get when you subscribe to the kiosk at the WIP Event. There are so many presents there, but don't overlook this one. On her arm is a watch bought in the Happy Weekend sale. The shoes are also from that sale.
For the first time I learned to shop with the evoshop hud.
* I bought the hud at marketplace >here
* Attach the HUD and find the 7 Deadly s[K]ins in the 'Body Shop' category.
* Buy, Gift or Redeliver from the HUD without teleporting
* If you don't wish to grant access to your L$ balance you may use EvoCredits, Purchase with EvoCredits that you previously load >>here
I bought the Noura skin with the hud. 
The Saturday sale bed I bought with store credits at Zerkalo. The candle lamp is one of the hunt gifts there. see for info the post before this one.
The bed has 2 gorgeous huds for colors for the pillows, blankets and the metals.Materials you can put off or on (in low or high intensity).

Dress: .:{Sofia}:. Natalie Star Gown Dress ~ Pink Soft (free/ subscriber gift at WIP)
Shoes: Salvadori - Salvadori - Almond 'Sharon' Buckle Heeled Mules (Happy Weekend sale
Watch: [Z O O M] - [Z O O M] Genoveva Summer Watch (Happy Weekend sale)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - NOURA skins ( 60ld weekend sales by EvoShop/ see info in the text)
Hair: tram - tram K0925 hair / HUD-A
Lipstick: Synergy - Synergy - May Group Gift 2022 (free)
Gloss of the lips is in the hud of the LeLutka Ryn head
Head: LeLUTKA - LeLUTKA Ryn Head EVOX 3.1
Bed: [ zerkalo ] -[ zerkalo ] Montserrat - Bed Adult (free/bought with store credits/ see post before this one/ in saturday sale)
Starlight lamp: Vagrant  - Vagrant & Zerkalo Hunt 14 Starlight lamp (free)
From inventory; Swallows and dog - {anc}; ottoman ( Aziza) - [Circa]; backdrop Minimal ( groupgift); necklace - Supernatural ( not available/ but other back necklaces are in the shop); eye- IKON ( color fjord); tattoo (Shiva) - Carol G.

Bye bye, Nic

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